How to Keep on Top of Fashion Trends in the Age of Social Media

In the years before active usage of social media, people were less attentive to trends, and the fashion world seemed a faraway kingdom that was open only to celebrities and haute couture designers. But as time went by, style and fashion have become much more accessible to the massive audience. Social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube became home to many influencers who not only follow popular trends but also create new ones.

The variety of stylish blogs is also wide-ranged because today everyone can find a blogger who showcases outfits for a lower cost that resemble luxury looks and other ones who use сheap comments to make a point about outfits of celebrities or followers on YouTube, for example. The benefit of using social media to track the latest fashion ideas is quite obvious, and in this article, we will explain how to do that with the best result.
Find Your Favorite Stores
Of course, to remain on top of trends, you should follow your preferred stores where you buy clothes, shoes, or accessories. Such practice gives you some benefits:
Quick update on new items in stock Exclusive offers for followers Connection with the brand Updates on upcoming sales and other events
Either way, not only subscribing to your local stores but leaving comments also provides you more options to choose from according to your preferences – the algorithms of prominent social platforms will be showing you similar content from other brands. To sum up, subscribing on YouTube or IG to your favorite shops is also a manifestation of your support and wish to shop more.
Discover New Brands
Along with subscribing to the stores you already like, you can explore the industry further. Thanks to the algorithms that are implied to all social networks, when you begin searching for fashion ideas you will easily find new brands. And not only for shopping options.

Many magazines and fashion designers are having their presence on socials. For magazines, in particular, using social platforms is a rather comfortable and effective method to provide more content to their readers and promote themselves. So you almost for sure will discover something exclusive.
Exchange Thoughts
Social platforms were primarily created for communication, and today it means a range of people much bigger than your closest circle. On Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other media, you can not only discover new trends but to see how they are perceived by society. Comments under relevant posts can contain much useful information for you, especially if you are involved in the industry of fashion as a blogger or brand.

The most useful insight for you is the possibility to build prospects about certain details and trends, and then explore which category of users would respond and engage with your content, or buy your products.

Don’t be afraid to enter the discussion if you see that it brings out the aspects you are interested in. Given certain mastery, you can even change your mind about something that is not acceptable at first.
Find Stylish People
One of the main reasons why social media have conquered the world so fast is the fact that they give a voice to all people. Before the era of social networks, many talented stylists had no opportunity to express themselves to someone other than locals. But with the power of promotion on IG, YouTube or Pinterest, many people are now sharing their taste in clothing with a huge audience in comments.

The fact is, that social media have created their own trend system. And many stylists and simply people who love wearing original and creative outfits, are now providing ideas that are born and developed within the platform. This phenomenon is mostly applicable to Instagram, where new trends emerge faster than the wind blows. Consumer trends are often different from major trends that are set by world-known designers, but they are bringing more profit for small brands and dropshippers.

Here are the latest fashion trends to follow and discuss in comments on prominent social platforms like YouTube and Insta:
Sporty Basic Look
As the pandemic has changed our lives, it has impacted our casual fashion as well. The most wearable thing that you will see online and on the streets is a two-piece sport suit. From fleece hoodies and trainers to lousy t-shirts with soft shorts, this item of clothing is a comfortable everyday option for women and men. In this season, luxurious materials like cashmere, silk, and velvet are also introduced to this style.
Knitted Items
Another iconic look of the latest season is a knitted suit, but most brands are introducing other knitted items as well. Skirts, trousers, dresses, blouses – all these are nothing like your favorite cozy sweaters. Also, classic jackets and hoodies are perfectly combined with denim and other stiff materials.
Bra Top
Well, most new ideas are in fact forgotten old ones. Nowadays trends are a mixture of 80s and 90s fashion ideas, but this season, the iconic 2000s vibe is added to this potion. Bra instead of a top, combined with an oversized blazer and high-waisted pants is an upcoming spring/summer fashion idea. The top itself can be either contrasting and bright or matching to other materials.
Sheer materials
This trend has never truly left us. In summer collections, organza, chiffons and other sheer fabrics are the main choices for their lightness and the possibility to create multilayered items that will look too heavy. Sheer tops are also a great choice to combine with bras.
Volume On Sleeves
Puffy sleeves are conquering the minds of influencers and consumers, as this detail is breathing in some feminine vibes into any outfit. In combination with a low shoulder line it gives a feeling of freedom and classic female fashion trends. Also, a dress or top with puffy sleeves is a great choice for outdoor photoshoots.
Mini skirts
Get your hemline higher this season! Risqué but chic mini is back. High-waisted skirts of various materials are the latest trend of the season and are winning the competition as more sexy and open looks are in favor this year. Besides, a mini skirt is perfectly mixed with oversized crop tops and sweaters.
This is a newly established trend in this season, but in summer collections it is a must-have detail. The amount doesn’t matter, so you can choose whatever item you like and consider suitable for your taste. And doesn’t have to be extra-festive. However, here is a small hint – go for more ethnic and boho stylistics, and mix it with denim.
Pink Is In The Air
Although the official Pantone choice of this year is yellow and gray, pink color wins the race for summer trends. Practically every shade of pink is welcome this season. There are no limits – you can create a mono color outfit, or implement juicy details, doesn’t matter.
Romantic Open Back
This is an incredibly flirty detail, and this year it rules. The back of your item may not be too open – you can perfectly go for dresses and blouses with original designs for the backside, like big bows or metallic chains. Anyway, this detail also adds some lightness, femininity, and flirt to your looks, and that’s the goal.
Vintage Bowling Shirts
Oh yes, this extremely cozy and lightweight item is back to trends! The more outrageously vintage the pattern is, the better. This piece is perfectly combined with denim and cotton, it can also be a throw-on for your bra top! This year bowling shirts are winning the competition with basic t-shirts for Last year’s trends.
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