Happy Birthday.


Happy birthday to

My coffee snob //

My Excel whiz //

My romantic-at-heart //

My cant-talk-about-Mr.Rogers-without-misting-over tough guy //

My exceptionally-gifted personal chef, who does things like buy heirloom variety corn to nixtamalize for homemade tacos and travel to four or six specialty grocers in order to get all the right, authentic ingredients for carnitas //

My occasionally hot-headed-for-the-right-reasons protector //

My business partner the data-minded brains behind this blog! //

My audaciously ambitious and brilliant entrepreneur, always looking for the duct tape (i.e., things people do to paper over gaps in their lives where many a good business idea have been born) //

My negroni-lover //

My erstwhile adventurer, who will both eat ants off of trees while backpacking through Patagonia and refuse to go on roller coasters //

My dishwasher nazi (why are these bowls going in this direction?) //

My round-the-clock confidante and middle-of-the-night companion //

My contrarian //

My biggest advocate //

My silly-heart, known to dance like a maniac with his three-year-old daughter to Tequila //

My keeps-it-together-and-squeezes-my-hand-during-two-c-sections cheerleader who then excuses himself to cry alone, carrying an emotional burden bigger than himself all on his own //

My superstitious ball-player //

My meant-to-be, my beloved


Post Scripts.

+Great gifts for men.

+A few of the biggest hits from his Christmas haul: CloudKnit sweats, Hue lightstrip, Hunter refined-fit Chelsea rainboots, Veja V12s in olive green, Filson beanie in red. Basically he had a ton of holes in his wardrobe that I filled#adultChristmas.

+How sweet (!) is this toile crib sheet?! Love!

+Speaking of toile, love this shirt dress. (And of course the toile dress I already own and talked about here)

+THIS MAXI SKIRT is so fun!!! And an extra 20% off! So chic with a white tank/bodysuit and Hermes oran slides.

+How adorable are all of these rainboots?! Especially adore these and these such good colors and that gingham lining is so precious! I might have to deviate from my Hunters for mini this season. The question is whether to go with a bow or not

+Just ordered this bow in the sure-to-sell-out taupe color for mini its the one Born on Fifths daughter wears all the time and is SUCH a pretty pink/lilac/gray blend. I swear it is always sold out!

+That time Mr. Magpie cut his hair

+Just ordered this striped tee for $28. I am getting such heavy use out of my collection of Kule tees (<

+Love this pretty sweater.

+This adorable sweater is 50% off ordering for micro for next fall.

+This leopard bomber is on sale for $149!!!! LOVE.

+Clever option for a toy bin thanks to the dividers.

+Such a pretty serving bowl. Love the size, too. Ideal for sides.

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