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Graduation Guest Outfits -Today I’m sharing an epic spring clothing sale! With that said I’m looking for a graduation guest outfit. Do you know anyone graduating this year? Whether it’s middle school graduation, high school graduation, or college graduation. I hope this post and sale help you find the perfect outfit to wear to a graduation. Plus, additional sales to take advantage of.

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Graduation Guest Outfits

Graduation Guest Outfits - Ideas For Her This or That - Plus you don't want to miss this Big Spring Sale - 50% off sale for Women's clothing!

I can’t believe that time next year Sammie will be graduating from college! I am planning on getting an outfit to wear this year. And then shop again next year. I just don’t want to wait until the last minute to get something to wear. Why? Because I’m looking for something easy to wear, classic, stylish, not too casual, and comfy. Those are a lot of boxes to tick. I’m sure we’ll be going to dinner that night, and I’ll have to have a second outfit for that.

Floral Pant suit with loafers or flats or cute floral skirt and top with espadrille sandals -
  1. Floral Modern Blazer.
  2. Neutral or white blouse.
  3. Floral Slim Pants.
  4. Lug Sole Loafers or flats.
  5. A Floral Flowy Midi Skirt paired with a white tie-neck top.
  6. Espadrilles Wedges.

What To Wear At A Graduation as a Guest

Things to consider when picking an outfit for attending a graduation.

  1. Where the graduation be held?
  2. Is it indoors or outdoors?
  3. Consider the weather. (Sammie’s graduation is in Arizona, I expect it to be very warm, and if we do go indoors air conditioning. Which means having a sweater or blazer…)
  4. Time of day. Will it be a morning graduation? Afternoon graduation? Or evening graduation?
  5. You will probably be walking, standing in line, or going up steps all before sitting for the ceremony. Get and wear comfortable shoes. Flats, sandals, loafers, low heels…
  6. Purchase an outfit that will be wrinkle-proof, as much as possible. Especially, after sitting.
  7. You will want an outfit that is comfortable, yet stylish. No matter what time of day.
  8. If you are going out after the graduation ceremony try to make time to freshen up and change outfits if possible.
  9. Feel comfortable in whatever you buy. For me, I am more comfortable in pants, pants suits vs. dresses. What about you?
  10. Will you be in a lot of photos with the graduate? Consider a neutral-colored outfit, or coordinate colors if you are a mom/daughter.

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Don’t forget to add accessories like classic headbands, a raffia headband, a scarf, and jewelry.

What to wear to a graduation?

Graduation guest outfit ideas - Outfits for her for graduation guests - Matching Pant Sets with loafers or flats or a midi skirt and sleeveless top with clog sandals or heels -
  1. Modern Blazer.
  2. Twill slacks/pants.
  3. Loafers, Lug soles, flats, or low heels.
  4. Midi-Knit skirt.
  5. Knit sweater tank top.
  6. V-Neck cardigan sweater.
  7. Moss green strappy clogs (also available in brown), sandals, or low heels.
Graduation Guest Outfit Ideas For Her - blazer and pants, dress and strappy clogs -
  1. Seersucker Pinstripe Blazer. Pair it with pants or shorts. Riveria matching shorts or matching pinstripe pants like this.
  2. Pinstripe Sailor Pants.
  3. Loafers or lug soles.
  4. V-Neck Puffy Sleeve Dress or this Neutral U-Neck Puff Sleeve Dress.
  5. Strappy Clogs.
  6. White light-weight sweater.

What would you pick to wear? This or that?

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