Freshen Up Your Look In 2022 With These Lovely, Cruelty-Free Beauty Trends


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Happy New Year, dumplings!! Is it just me, or do you also get an irrepressible urge to shake up your beauty routine around January? It’s the time of year when you’re brimming with new energy, inspiration, and resolve. And it just feels right to explore new horizons, even when it comes to your appearance and personal style. Here are all the beauty trends I’m considering as I vow to make 2022 my most stylish year yet.

Hot new hair color

When women are ready for radical change, they change their hair—amiright?! I have definitely cut my hair (way, way too) short in a fit of self-renewal after a bad breakup. Lesson learned! Changing your hair color is a gentler way of trying on a new look. In 2022, we’re seeing a rise of warmer hair colors after several years dominated by cool, ashy, and polished tones. The vibe is fiery, passionate, and invigorating. Whether you’re a fair-skinned lovely who would look natural (but better) with coppery hair, or any other complexion type that can benefit from chocolate cherry to dusky rosé, consider this unexpected and stunning trend. P.s. These are all #avedacolor photos. I have been getting my hair color done by Aveda for about 10 years now—it’s always 100% vegan, cruelty-free, less harsh, and the colors are amazing.

Hair bows

Step aside, Tudor velvet hairbands. I happen to LOVE that look, but every time I try one on, my head hurts. Thankfully, hair bows are just as chic and much more fresh for 2022. I love Anya Taylor-Joy’s sassy yet soignée take paired with red lips. Or consider Lily Collins’s 60s-inspired black bow. I think the key to making this look grown-up woman rather than childish or cultish is to lean into the sexy vibes. (For example, do not wear hair bow with opaque white tights and a long skirt. Wear with… whatever makes you feel va-va-voom!)


Sheer berry lips

Confession: I’ve already snagged a sheer berry lipstick—Chantecaille Lip Veil in Azalea—because it was exactly what I needed. I’ve been sporting it proudly since the New Year. December is usually a time for a killer matte red lipstick (I use Lisa Eldridge’s True Velvet Lipstick in Velvet Ribbon), but after turning a new corner, it’s nice to try something slightly less high-maintenance but still stunning. I love Lip Veil’s formulation (also have Moabi, a cool pink, for spring and summer). For some reason, they have really nailed a beautifully silky, smooth formula that glides on, stays longer than you’d guess, and looks glorious in a tube or on your lips. A portion of the proceeds also benefits African elephant conservation. Highly, highly recommend. (And you can get it at our PD shop!)

Pastel nails

Everyone does a dark or red nail over the holidays, right? I myself sported shiny burgundy nails through the parties—but the minute I saw a friend with chic, light bluish gray nails, I was instantly smitten. Although it’s still cold, pale nails just feel refreshed and right for January. For vegan and toxin-free nail polish, I highly recommend dear sunday, Mineral Fusion, and Zoya—but there are many, many great options these days.

Which one of these 2022 beauty trends are calling your name?!

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Photo: MJhair_mua; Thirty Hair; Roar Beauty Parlor; Gregory Russel Hair; Chantecaille; destiny_frolick, all via Instagram

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