Finding modest clothing today can be a bit of a challenge but it’s not impossible


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Check out the best places to find modest clothing for women.

I’ve shared my thoughts before on finding fashions for women over 40. Did you ever see my thoughts on modest Halloween costumes? 

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Best Modest Clothing Stores
Modest clothing can be trendy and stylish. If you’re worried about looking like your grandmother if you try to shop for modest clothes, you don’t need to. 

The term modest simply means wearing clothes that don’t reveal quite as much skin as other options. It may be for faith reasons or just personal preference.
What clothes are modest?
Modest means different things to different people. Some women are perfectly comfortable in jeans or pants. Others feel that a maxi dress or long skirt is more their style. 

If you prefer something that’s more fitted, there are a wide range of neutral overcoats that help provide some degree of modesty when needed.
Are jeans modest
They can certainly be modest. Jeans that have a very low waist aren’t generally thought of as modest because of the potential of showing too much off when you bend over or sit down.

But, a dark pair of jeans paired with a classic top can be just as modest as any other pair of pants.

Maxi dress from Jane
Best modest clothing brands
It’s not as easy to walk into a clothing store in the mall and find modest clothing for women. I generally look for my favorite retailers online to find the latest modest clothes.

Here are a few of the brands that I look for when I shop:
Emery Rose Garnet Hill Downeast Basics Jane What types of clothes are modest?
You really do have quite a few options when it comes to modest clothing. You don’t need to stick to long skirts and dresses if that’s not your style.

By pairing layering tops with casual pants, you can have a more trendy modest style. Or, there are lots of modest summer dresses that work perfectly for just about any occasion.

What should I wear modest for summer?
It can be a challenge to find modest summer clothes. I like to wear something cool without showing too much skin. 

The best thing to do is to look for a loose-fitting, flowing skirt. This helps you stay covered and cool at the same time. 

If you have a slightly shorter skirt or dress, you can always add a pair of modest leggings under it to help you feel more comfortable.

Or, Bermuda shorts can be quite stylish and modest at the same time. These shorts for summer are the style that I really like.

Where can I buy cute modest clothes?
One of my favorite places to shop for modest clothing is Stitch Fix.  Sign up through this link and you will get $25 to start with.

They pair you with a personal stylist that learns about the type of clothes you like. That way you can try on a new outfit each month and discover new styles and brands to try.

Sometimes I get frustrated with the lack of modest clothing but Stitch Fix always seems to find something new.

There are lots of modest fashion brands out there. It’s just a matter of finding the ones that you like. 

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