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For those of you that loved the film Little Woman as much as I did then you are in for a treat! I know a lot of you emailed right after the film was released asking us to hunt out the patterns for you. After having a look at all the beautiful costumes I decided to focus on the more wearable items in the film rather than the full on historical dresses. I felt a lot of this could be worn today and mixed in with other items in your handmade wardrobe.

All the patterns in the video are featured below:

Photo by Wilson Webb – © © 2019 CTMG, Inc.

There were so many beautiful outfits that Amy wore, she had the most traditional and elaborate costumes in the film. We loved this high necked blouse and thought that the Gibson Girl Blouse from Folkwear was a pretty good match.

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All the sisters wore jackets the ended at they’re  waist, either without a collar or a little mandarin collar. We thought that the Yanaka Jacket from Liesl and Co would be a fantastic option. It does have a curved hem that you could easily straightened if you wanted. For the blouse we thought the beautiful Thea Boho Blouse from Liberty would be perfect for wearing underneath. As you can see they wore shapes with big sleeves.

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This is the dress Amy wore for Meg’s wedding and it was quite similar in style to a lot of other things she wore in the rest of the film. We thought that the Sedavi Dress from Pauline Alice has a similar feel in terms of the shape and the pleating on the bust.  The skirt on Amy’s dress is more full but this could be a great option.

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Jo’s beautiful beach cover up as one I saw and fell in love with. It was hard to find something with the gathering on the bust but we thought the at Vali dress and top from Pattern Fantastique was a great option. The sleeves are more dramatic on the Vali but it could be a good starting point.

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This outfit I really loved, it was what Jo wore to work and I thought the nod to mens tailoring was really clever. For the Shirt I thought the Olya Shirt from Paper Theory would work really well is it’s loose fitting. For the jacket the Vogue 8333 is a similar cut, with three buttons and nipped in at the waist. The skirt we chose the Folkwear Walking Skirt, it’s a similar shape and not too full.

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Beautiful blouses…. there were so many wonderful blouses that all the sisters wore. A lot of them were similar to Jo’s above with the gathering into the neckband. There were so many wonderful options that I have to include them all! The yellow blouse at the top is  the Gemini shirt from French Poetry. On the far right the white blouse is the Matcha top from Sew Liberated. The Pink blouse is the Roscoe blouse from True Bias. All of these would be a fantastic addition to your handmade wardrobe.

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This jacket that Marmee wore to the wedding was gorgeous. I had a long hunt, and couldn’t find a perfect match, but thought that if you wanted the feel of this then the Cleo dress or blouse from Schnittchen would be a great option.

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Last but not least… the cape! All the sister swore capes as their winter coats with loads of layers underneath so I had to include one pattern! The Harry Cape from I AM PATTERNS  was pretty close, you could alter this so that you add a tie at the top rather than the buttons.

We really hope you enjoyed this and any other films or TV series you’d like us to do please just leave a comment below!

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