While everyone is blogging about Christmas decorating I am over here doing a post about sequin skirts. Yeah I'm shallow like that. When I get onto something......

.......there is no stopping me and I thought OK....let's see how many ways you can wear one by doing a little Pinterest search!

Lord knows I have worn mine 3 times already and need to find a way to expand the look so that I can wear it to Publix while I am grocery know "this ole thing?"

So I have grabbed a few ideas and then after that I put together some styles that you can purchase!

OK...let's go all casual with a plaid top!

Or a stripe top.....digging both looks!

The first time I wore mine it was with black....goes nice with the gold or the silver

Could not find source.

I am loving the green look....but of course how many sequin skirts can you have:)

With a white shirt or sweater....

Or silver on silver....

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A camel coat.....

So below I have put together some sequin skirts for you. I tried to keep prices pretty reasonable.....cause you know I had a moment when I bought mine.....coming from a fashion show and after drinking a couple of mimosa's.

animal print


It's so crazy though because people are popping up wearing them everywhere lately.....or maybe I am just aware of it because I have one. Either way....I am a fashion queen....hahahaha.....and so cutting edge. And if you believe that then....well it appears that I have you right where I need you:)

Here's a news flash for ya....I bought a Christmas wreath yesterday. Uh huh. Crazytown over here. And I might just get some stuff down from the attic.....I said might.....really..... pretend you did not even read this.....I spoke out loud.

I'm pretty happy it's Friday...for a week that I thought might be turned the corner and went all "could hardly catch my breath" on me.

Hope you all have a great weekend. And if I don't say it enough.....thank you for your continued support.


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