"Emily In Paris" Is The Inspiration We Need To Get Dressed Up Again


Emily in Paris is the brain candy we needed during quarantine. Chock full of fun, France, and fashion, it provided the perfect escape from the day-to-day of baking bread, watching TikTok, and staring out our windows. Not only did the first season of the show give us a killer urge to live beside a cute neighbor in Paris, but it also provided us a ton of outfit inspo, and Season Two — which drops on Wednesday, December 22 — promises to do the same. In honor of its premiere, we dove into some of Emily in Paris' new outfits and got a peek at a conversation between Netflix and costume designers Marylin Fitoussi and Patricia Field. With her crazy fashion choices and bold colors, Emily might just prove to be the inspiration we need to get dressed up again — for the holiday season and beyond.

Prints On Prints

lily collins as emily cooper in a black and white and red outfit emily in paris

Emily's bubbly, optimistic outlook on life contrasted the serious nature of the Parisians around her, and her loud, colorful style stood on its own as well. She's the queen of mixing colors and prints, and Season Two is no different.

"Part of the first season’s success was the freedom the costume design gave people to mix things up however they liked," Fitoussi says. "It showed them that they could combine polka dots and stripes, throw colors together, and not limit themselves."

Mixing prints is a great way to keep your outfit from being too serious, and even if it seems intimidating, there are a few things to keep in mind.

"My trademark is eclecticism and mixing everything together," says Fitoussi. "Emily has a strong personality, and we’ll keep her costumes just as strong this season."

Our advice: Keep colors simple (so they're not competing with the patterns), but don't be afraid to go crazy with different prints within your color scheme. Make an exact match with your hat, bag, or shoes for a look like no other.

Printed Mini Dress

leopard mini dress

Leopard Bucket Hat

leopard hat

Knit Sweater

pink and green floral sweater

Cat Ball Cap

pink ball cap with a cat on the front

Go Big Or Go Home

emily in a purple dress, mindy in a yellow top and purple shorts and camille in a white suit emily in paris

As far as Emily is concerned, the days of building an outfit around a single statement piece are long gone.

"I recently coined an expression for myself that describes what reaction I like to see with costuming, and it’s 'happy clothes,'" Field says. "We found, I believe, the right recipe for [Emily] last season, and color has been a huge part of that. People like color and need color these days."

"[Emily's outfits] may hurt your eyes, they may not appeal, but they leave no one indifferent," explains Fitoussi. "They loved it or they hated it, but everyone saw it, everyone talked about it...We’re sticking to her very eclectic, very colorful style, with the prints that are absolutely everything I love and that I wear and continue to defend."

Don't be afraid of the crazy silhouettes or bright colors you'll find in maximalist dressing! Pick complementary colors (like Mindy's yellow top and purple shorts) or stick to a monochromic 'fit for balance without sacrificing volume. If you'd rather stick to the basics, add some fun accessories like an oversized hat or candy-colored sunglasses.

Puff Sleeve Dress

brown puff sleeve dress

Ruffled Blouse

Ruffled Blouse

Ruched Skirt

green ruffled ruched skirt

Mini Dress

ruffled puff sleeve mini dress

When In Doubt, Overdress

mindy in a formal yellow and green dress emily in paris

Even if you don't have a ton of opportunities to get dressed up, there are ways to incorporate elevated pieces into your daily coffee run or trip to the grocery store. And you don't have to buy designer to look nice.

"For Season Two, I decided my challenge would be to combine a couture piece, Dior or Balmain, with a young designer, with a vintage piece, with something you would find at a store like H&M or Zara," Fitoussi says. "Everyone must be able to buy something they love, according to their resources. Buy designer if you can, buy H&M."

Wear a dress with sneakers, slip on heels with a tee and jeans, or pair a pearly clutch with your go-to sweatshirt. If you keep your pieces wrinkle-free, and make sure there are no loose threads, your outfit won't look as mismatched as you might expect.

Bow-Tie Maxi Dress

strapless dress with bow and polka dots

Pearl Clutch

pearl clutch with gold accents

Miapel Mule

Velvet Dress

orange velvet dress

Just For Fun

emily and mindy sit on a bench in the park emily in paris

The last few years in fashion have been ultra casual and functional, but don't be afraid to go in the opposite direction for 2022. Emily knows a thing or two about finding joy in fashion purely for the sake of its beauty, and as we embrace the new year, dressing for fun is a great addition to our goals.

"Fashion is liquid and fashion...reflects the time," says Field. "Whatever time we’re in, you will see it in the fashion. But we try to avoid fashion trends in the show. I say over and over again that trends die young; trends get very tired very quickly."

Wear that tiny purse because it's your favorite color, even if it barely fits your keys, or wear sheer socks with your platform sandals, even if they'll leave your feet colder than normal. Your style doesn't have to fit into any one box. Wear whatever makes you feel good!

"When we aired episode one, I heard over and over again that it was so much fun to watch Emily in Paris during the pandemic, and that it helped lift peoples’ spirits," Field says. "That has made me happy, and so I hope the clothes this season continue to make our audience happy."

Sheer Socks

golden stars and moons sheer socks

Tulle Pearl Cape

gray tulle cape with pearls

Sheer Turtleneck

sheer white turtleneck top

Mini Bag

tiny blue purse

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Featured image via Carole Bethuel/Netflix

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