Dua Lipa X Versace: Everything You Need To Know


Versace’s latest collaborator Dua Lipa recently joined forces with Donatella Versace for the Italian fashion house’s freshly-minted beachwear collection, La Vacanza, which debuted at Festival de Cannes on May 23.

Inspired by the 90s pop culture aesthetics, the collection features iconic pieces from the brand’s Fall/Winter 1992 and Spring/Summer 1995 Atelier collections such as metallic mini skirts and bikinis, butterfly and polka-dot prints, tailored pieces, evening gowns, and terry cotton beachwear.

The intimate gathering of 60 guests created an exclusive ambiance at the show, offering a refreshing contrast to the otherwise-bustling scene at Cannes. On the coveted guest-list were ace basketball player Dwyane Wade, designer Simon Jacquemus, and Spanish actor Patrick Blanco among several others.

The show commenced with a model gliding effortlessly over a pool, her hair styled in an extravagant bouffant. Her ensemble, a pink skirt paired with white pointy heels, immediately establishes the collection’s focus on classic Versace aesthetics and iconic archival elements.

With this collection, Versace rekindles the magic of the bygone era by resurrecting two iconic prints—the playful polka dot and the delicate butterfly. These timeless patterns find their place in modern silhouettes, seamlessly blending the past with the present.

The overall impression is one of awe-inspiring magnificence, reflecting the fusion of pop princess Dua Lipa’s impactful personality and Versace’s timeless legacy. Simply put, La Vacanza pays homage to the 90s pop culture aesthetics, captivating hearts with its blend of chic sensuality and timeless classicism.

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