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It’s a Curse Thing Lisa WellsPublication date: April 27th 2021 Genres: Adult, Comedy, Paranormal, Romance

It’s not forever. It’s not freaking forever.

What’s a witch to do when her magic’s been hacked and her tongue wickedly cursed! No matter how hard Eloise Redd concentrates on keeping her thoughts to herself, she blurts them. The only option is to lie low and wait for the hacker’s ransom note —and hope the demands aren’t too steep. In the meantime, she hides out in a haunted town as a palm reader. What could possibly go wrong reading palms?

Jeffrey Bales, Chief Operating Officer of Think Tank Innovations, is excellent at peopling. What he’s not good at is fending off a multitude of women convinced he’s their souls’ missing puzzle piece. This thanks to the town’s magical palm reader. A woman whose mouth should come with a hazard warning. He has no choice but to turn his charms on her to silence those wayward words. Just a tiny, fake relationship should work…

Unless it takes place under the roof of a bewitched house. One determined to bind them together eternally. That ransom demand can’t arrive soon enough.

What if this is forever?

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“Welcome to Hand Picked.” Eloise struck a pose at the top of her stairs and spoke to the gentleman who stood in her doorway, looking very much like a shabby prince with his stiff stance and sexy-as-hell five o’clock shadow. Was he her three o’clock?

If so, she now wished she’d reapplied her Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte lipstick after her cup of tea. Perhaps living in Knotty would be more than bores and snores after all. A little hot weekend sex would make the months go by faster.

“Thank you,” he said.

About to take a step forward, she paused, left foot dangling above the stair. Hmmm. What do we have here? His voice sounded familiar. She tilted her head to the left and tried to get a look at his profile. Nope. His face, what she could see of it in the shadows, didn’t ring any bells. Perhaps she’d overheard him talking while she’d explored the town last weekend. “Have you come to have your palm read?”

Not waiting for his response, she lifted her floral, floor-length, multi-ruffled skirt and glided down the stairs, aiming to appear like a royal subject entering a magical ball being held in her honor. Not to impress the man. Not much anyway. But mostly because presentation mattered when one read palms for a living. With her skirt, she wore a black long sleeve bodysuit and a headscarf that had beads that dangled over her forehead.

She’d been just as meticulous regarding her appearance when she had practiced law. Only then, instead of every aspect of her projecting flamboyant exuberance, she’d projected the appropriate image of strength and intelligence and the ability to cut your throat in a courtroom without leaving any traces of blood on her Louboutin heels.

At the bottom of the stairs, she got her first shadow-free view of her latest customer. A view that caused her world to tumble and land ass up. Balls. Balls. Balls.

Author Bio:

Lisa Wells writes romantic comedy with enough steam to fog your eyeglasses, your brain, and sometimes your Kindle screen. On the other hands, her eighty-year-old mother-in-law has read Lisa's steamiest book and lived to offer her commentary. Which went something like this: You used words I've never heard of...

She lives in Missouri with her husband and slightly-chunky rescue dog. Lisa loves dark chocolate, red wine, and those rare mornings when her skinny jeans fit. Which isn't often, considering the first two entries on her love-it list.

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Palm reading examples:

Look at the amazing crown of luck in this hand !!! It looks like a M in the middle of her palm, touching & empowering her heart line. This is the palm of a Starseed Princess, someone who is determined to leave her mark on this world and has all the mojo from her birth Starseed planet, which is Alpha Centauri to get it done.

Her birthright lines shown between her heart and head line show she is a Starseed with much to do in this dimension. This hand carries the keys and codes of the Divine Feminie at a high level. When she falls in love, which she doesn’t do easily. But when she falls in love it is with a fierceness to protect her divine twin flame counterpart.

The key for her stepping into her power is shown in the head line area, is to remember who she really is, not to buy into the illusionary matrix.

She has a powerful heart line and her ticket into the Universe is through an open activated heart chakra. Which shows some crosses and islands on the heart line. This is where image makers, teachers and even family may have tried to mold her and indoctrinate her with the ideas that the matrix is real. In order for her tap into her rich heritage as a Divine Princess of Alpha Centauri, she needs to learn deepening meditation skills, to get herself beyond the dark web trapping systems where she can activate the keys and codices of her birth star and bring that magic into this planet for the purpose of helping other Starseeds learn more of who they really are, to empower them through her heart centered ability to share knowledge and wisdom codes.

This hand shows a good balance of Heart line across the top of her hand. It starts in the Mars + area under her pinky finger which is ruled by Mercury. The heart line runs all the way over to the Jupiter finger. The line is curved softly which shows a loving kind hearted nature. This represents a heart that can give and receive love.

Her pinky shows there may be several men who fall in love with her. A neptunes fork is under her Apollo finger shooting off of her heart line. This very lucky sign shows opportunity for wealth, spirituality and deep love.

The long and deep heart line shows her love runs deep, even though she may look cool as a cucumber on the surface.

When she activates and steps up into her power, fully grounded in higher 5th dimensional awareness, she will be a force to be reckoned with.

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