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Halfway through October already? Why does this month always go so fast… and then March just drags and drags and drags? It’s so unfair. 😂 But I’m trying to hang onto every moment of October and working to knock out all of my autumn bucket list items! Thankfully autumn lasts pretty far into November here (unless we’re blasted with a snowstorm, which isn’t unlikely), but October is just the best for peak color + spooky vibes + those golden warm days. Eric and I headed out to West Olive last week to celebrate our anniversary, pick up our pumpkins for the year, and to go to dinner at one of our favorite places in the town where we got married, so that was a perfect autumn date night!

So I’ve been on the hunt for a cute floral midi/maxi skirt to pair with sweaters for autumn. I spotted this one at Target… and was like ooh! That’s cute! Plus the green + blush colors go with pretty much any other color in my closet. I paired my rust sweater from Lulus with it, and my black block heels I also just picked up at Target! I’ve gotten a few new things lately… you can see everything I’m buying here on my closet Pinterest board before it hits the blog. I need to list a few new items on Poshmark of things I’m not wearing; my closet is feeling a little full again. I hate the feeling of having to push everything over to one side to get one thing to fit. 😆 It makes laundry so much harder! So yeah, I’ll be working to list some new items soon, so be sure to follow along on Poshmark too!

Otherwise, not much else is new! I mostly spend my weeknights these days just eating chili (made the biggest pot ever, haha), drinking Witches Brew, watching American Horror Story: Coven. Trying to pack as many day trips into our weekends as possible while October is here. Next week is going to be the best week — between a concert I’m excited to go to, Wine Club, a Halloween dance party, and Brunch Club, which we’re hosting at our place this month, it’s going to be a fun week… and then we’re onto Halloween. We always have a fun potluck at work, and then we spend the night passing out candy to trick-or-treaters at home. I’m excited for all of it! 🍂 I’ll be back with more autumn posts, including all the pumpkins!
Outfit details:
Target Floral Print High-Rise Pleated Midi Skirt
Corinna Rust Red Knit Sweater c/o Lulus
Target Michaela Pumps

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