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You can add this to the list of things I didnt think were possible. . .

I won Best Instagrammer in Raleigh thanks to the WRAL Voters Choice Awards! Someone kindly nominated me for this award in the fall, which was the first complete surprise, and then I almost had a full blown heart attack last night at the awards event when I discovered that I won!

If you nominated or voted for me, thank you so much! I simply cannot tell you how this feels!

The event was held at Union Station, downtown Raleigh, and it had such a cool vibe. It was inspiring to be surrounded by so many business owners and successful people in the area. This event, and learning that I won, has been such a fun way to start 2020.


And now back to regularly scheduled programming:

Im adding a new feature to my weekly links + loves posts by sharing what I wore during the past week.

Similar J.Crew Top, J.Crew Denim, J.Crew Pumps, Lipstick: Liv it Up

Old top, Similar Denim (Similar Budget-Friendly Denim), Booties, Similar Necklace

Dress (50% off today!), Pumps, Similar Bag

You can click on any of those links to shop the products, or find most of the same things on this page!


My sister and Mike are visiting and we always enjoy when they come. We dont have dinner plans this evening but Im secretly hoping we end up somewhere with Mexican food. Im heading out of town for a work trip on Sunday that Im looking forward to and then next week my parents are visiting!

Its a busy few weeks in the Bryan house, but that is pretty much how we roll.

Caroline Hirons, a skincare guru whose opinions I trust, shared an article recently about the things you need and what you dont need for skincare in 2020. I shared this on my Facebook page and tried to hide the thumbnail (the image is of her flipping the camera offher schtick is quite sassy) but that failed. I removed it from that page but the information it good I wanted to share a link to it here. So quick warning: she is flipping the camera off in the first image of the post. If that offends you, you may choose not to read the article of course! The main focus is that we need to be educated about skincare this year and forget the jade rollers

Here are a few other links + loves from around the web:

3 Outfits with a Leopard Skirt

Size-Inclusive Leggings, a post by Caralyn Mirand

I love Hourglass and cannot wait to get my hands on this concealer!

BITE is launching Foundation, Powder, and Primer this year! And its all CLEAN!

These GoodThreads basic tees are a wardrobe essential in my mind. And the prices are too good to pass up.

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