60s Fashion: The Era of Bold Statements and Iconic Style



Whether in film, art, or fashion, audacity was the watchword during the 60s. The stars of the era inspired innovation and style.

The famous Elizabeth Taylor for Andy Warhol and Pop Art, the buxom silhouettes that emerge like Brigitte Bardot, the Jackie Kennedy chic, or the androgynous look of Twiggy: celebrities are perceived as true fashion icons that we must imitate. 

The emancipation of women, vector of new fashion trends


In an era where the desire to stand out and be original is expressed, the liberation of women and their style of dress is essential. Fashionable designers will then base their collections on these social developments. Very quickly, new trends set in, such as the mini-skirt, honored by André Courrèges in his fashion shows and inspired by the British designer Mary Quant.

A trend that is then added to the long list of pieces invented by the French designer such as playsuits, flat boots, and suits. Another novelty, is the pants which are now unisex. As for the trench and the tuxedo, reserved for men, Yves Saint Laurent introduced them into the women’s wardrobe.

1960, the year of futuristic fashion 


In the ’60s, the style was futuristic. André Courrèges, with his architectural collection called “Space Age”, makes the geometric pattern the print of the moment. These shapes, as well as the silver color, will strongly influence  Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin.

Two creators who will contribute to initiating the dialogue between the world of fashion and that of entertainment. Pierre Cardin will, for example, create the costumes for the Beatles, and Paco Rabanne will supply the dresses for the film Casino Royal.

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