6 Tips for Looking and Feeling Pretty Da** Good After 60


As I begin to write, I have just lifted my eyes from the inspiring kind of fashion magazine that has gorgeous leggy young women in good lighting, with expert makeup and wearing fabulous clothes with mortgage repayment price tags. Inspiring? I’ll get back to you on that.

Obviously, I don’t look like them now. They look the way I did in the early 70s when wearing a treasured dress from the huge Aladdin’s caves that were Biba in High Street Kensington in London. I remember myself sipping tea there in the Rainbow Room Restaurant.

I still love the playfulness of fashion and photography though, and with a bit of discernment, can still look PDG, short for Pretty Damn Good. This is an acronym I suggest that you regularly say to yourself in the mirror, wearing a cheeky smile on your face.

Here are some quick tips for looking and feeling good in your 60s. Please note that the first two are essential for the digital age.
Look Up When Taking Selfies
To avoid looking 10 years older when using video, lift your phone up so that the camera is looking down towards you rather than up at the folds in your neck!
Video Call Wisely
Put your laptop on a box or a stack of books when on Skype/Zoom. This makes all the difference in getting the focus on your beautiful eyes!
Know What Colours Suit You
My advice is to get your colours done or redone. I had mine done in my 30s in sunny New Zealand. I was classed as a spring, suiting all the warm bright colours. Whether the specialist was wrong, and I got away with those colours for years with a tan, or whether my colouring changed I don’t know.

When I met a colour consultant in an Edinburgh store 25 years later, minus the tan of course, she disagreed. She declared me a summer on the spot, suiting the cooler summer shades.

Revolution! Suddenly I could get my lipstick right and feel in harmony with my clothes rather than trying to keep up with them.
Get Your Lipstick Shade Right
Lipstick is a serious thing. Getting the colour right for the time of day and year seems to bring out the best in my face and outfits. For me, that’s usually a bright and/or deep colour. At least I think so looking in the mirror, and people seem to like me enough to often tell me I look good.
Use Natural Products
I suggest that you make a lifestyle upgrade to natural products, inside and out.

Think about it, the skin is a hugely important organ for protection and detoxing. Why ignore this fact and use creams and cosmetics made of petrochemicals, including artificial colours and perfumes that may be poorly tested and don’t exist in the natural environments in which we have evolved?

More and more natural ranges keep appearing on the market. They smell and feel great and there are plenty of good colours out there.

Switch to choosing meals and ingredients without chemical additives. Go for those made with simple whole food ingredients – this might be the best thing you can do towards looking good. It’s right up there with exercise and falling in love, and no doubt improves progress with both of those!
Upgrade to Organics
Even better is, as much as possible, to upgrade to organics. Many studies show organics as more nutritious and, of course, you avoid taking in toxins that require detoxing!

Make green veggies, especially in delicious salads, your every day staples. They help you to stay in a healthy alkaline balance, which makes you feel good and energetic, with roses in your cheeks. And that’s how you look good after 60!
Looking PDG at 60!
Why do I find good fashion magazines inspiring? For ideas, for food for the imagination.

“Ah, I can wear a blue striped shirt with my khaki trousers. Ah, I’ve got a skirt a bit like that and my pink jumper would go with it. Ok, wear that frock (oops, that’s a word that could date me!) with my pewter lace ups.” I am happy to be my age and still look PDG.

Do you think you look pretty da** good in your 60s? What are your favorite clothes, colors and lifestyle changes that help you feel and look good? Please share them in the comments below.
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