Hi Gypsies! Welcome back to another edition of my “5 Ways To Wear” series. In this post, I will be sharing 5 ways that I style my button down shirts. The top I am styling is from Femme Luxe, and I quite love its Versace vibe. All 5 outfits I demo for you would look lovely styled with either a solid or patterned button down top. The best part is that these looks are easily achievable with basics every gal has in her closet. *Side note, I attended a conference recently that touched on the topic of sustainability. Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the top 3 pollutants to our planet? Over 21 billion pounds of clothing end up in the landfills every year. Isn’t that INSANE?! I know that shopping for the newest + trendiest pieces is near and dear to most ladies hearts, but I want to encourage you to learn to style each piece in your closet 5 different ways so that you can get the most out of your wardrobe + while feeling like you’re rocking totally unique looks. This helps reduce the urge to run and support your local fast fashion stores, and gets your creative side going while styling your looks. I also highly recommend heading to your local thrift shop and picking up some oversized mens button downs too! #sustainability Denim Skirt I highly recommend investing in a denim skirt that fits like a glove, and is just the right shade of blue. For this look, you want a skirt that sits above the hip and at your true waist, as this will be the most flattering. I personally gravitate towards light + distressed denim because it gives a more casual and relaxed feel. This look can be worn fully tucked in as pictured, or with the”one tuck” where you only tuck in one half of your shirt. Doing this makes the look even more casual. Sometimes the chic + disheveled vibe can be even more trendy than polished styling. A distressed black denim skirt would be amazing with this look as well. I have also seen this look styled with an oversized button down that hangs out of the bottom of the skirt. To rock this style, you want to size up a few times to make sure you have a solid 2 inches of shirt sticking out of the bottom of your skirt. 2. White Jeans (tonal) As you all know, I love a good tonal outfit. Theres just something about wearing a monotone look that just feels elevated and classic. These white jeans are more of an ivory tone, and they give this whole outfit more of a casual feel. You can choose to do a full tuck or a "one-tuck". If you have an oversized tee, the "one-tuck" would be perfect, but if you're wearing more of a fitted button down, it will look much more put together with a full tuck. I recommend leaving your cuffs unbuttoned for a chic + disheveled vibe. 3. Bike Shorts This silhouette has been a favorite of mine since the trend started. At first, I was hesitant to start wearing bike shorts, but they have become an absolute staple in my wardrobe and I own more pairs than I would like to admit. I chose to style this white printed blouse with white shorts to keep it fresh and feminine. You can also throw on a black pair, or even get adventurous with some printed shorts. I have a cheetah print pair that I adore! When styling with bike shorts, I recommend leaving your top totally untucked and using an oversized button down. This will avoid the dreaded camel toe, and helps to elongate your torso, while making your legs look shapely. 4. Black Jeans or Slacks Black pants are flattering on everyone. They have a magical way of elongating our legs and creating a slender silhouette. Throw on your button down with some distressed black denim (I recommend a high waisted pair) and add some booties and you are ready for the day. If you work on an office, a classic look has always been a crisp button down paired with some effortless black slacks. Go for a more wide leg slack that hides your shoes and goes all the way to the floor to give the illusion that you are extra tall. This is my go-to trick for photoshoots, since I'm only 5'5. 5. Classic Blue Jeans You CANNOT go wrong with wearing a button down with a pair of blue jeans. I love my light wash denim, but I felt that this vintage top paired so well with a darker wash. Retro vibes are IN. This is an easy look to take from day to night by changing your shoe, bag, and lip color. For day, I recommend wearing a nude lipstick + booties + a crossbody bag and then changing into your cutest heel + darker lip + clutch for a night on the town. This is also a polished and easy-breezy look for a daytime lunch meeting or day date!

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