5 Outfit Must-Haves For Short Girls


Heels aren’t the only ones that could make you look taller. If you are under 5’3″, like me, you must have already experimented with different outfits that suit your height and figure. Sometimes, it’s hard to find sizes that flatter your features in most stores. 

Despite struggles in sizes, it is still helpful to know which clothing type you should look for while you jump shop. Are you one of them? brings you these five outfit must-haves to level up your wardrobe for you to look longer. 

Vertical Prints To Increase Your Height

The idea is to create an illusion that you look taller–where people’s eyes move along your figure vertically. You can achieve it by wearing vertical-striped clothing! 

This type of clothing is fundamental in every short girl’s cabinet. Striped polos and blouses could work in the office, while striped dresses can make you look longer in your nature getaway photos. It may be an ancient trick, but it still works for petite frames.

High-waisted Shorts For Longer Legs

Believe it or not, your legs can still be your best asset! 

Flaunting them creates an impression that makes you look taller. With high-waisted shorts, your waist is accentuated and cinched! It highlights your body shape, and its length highlights your body.

Of course, this outfit can fit any casual occasion. You can wear high-waisted denim shorts on a trip to the grocery, mall, or anywhere you need to run errands. Meanwhile, you can use high-waisted linen fabrics for your bikini cover-up if you’re heading to the beach. 

Above The Knee Skirts

The principle for short girl outfits: the shorter, the better! 

Showing some skin can create an optical illusion that you look longer. So if you are a skirt kind of girl, opt for lengths on or above your knee. Longer ones can make you look stumpy, and you would not want that. 

Wear these skirts at parties or even on simple occasions. 

Crop Tops

You may commonly see teenagers wearing crop tops. But who says you can’t wear them even if you’re already a working girl in her 20s? 

Crop tops make you look chic! You may also look taller as it will show more of your lower body while emphasizing your upper build. Pair these tops with high-waist formal skirts and trousers for a day in your office. Wait ’til your mates notice how elongated you may look. 

V-Line Tops

V-line tops are also your friend. Vertical lines do not only mean prints or stripes. It can also be naturally seen in how the outfit was arranged or tailored. 

This top opens up a space for your neckline, adding more length to your look. It makes you seem that you have added more inches because of the optical illusion brought by the lines. 

Your Body Shape

Of course, navigating through the best clothes that flatter your figure can take time. Although short girls have a common ground in their height, these girls still differ in their body shape. 

While you search for the best fit, the important thing to prioritize is the clothes that ultimately highlight your figure. Your shape adds more attention and weight to how long you look. Certainly, no matter your figure, you would want to opt for those that underline your waist and your legs! 

Wrapping Up

As a petite girl, the key to an attractive style is to know which areas in your body you need to emphasize. It will help you choose the kind of outfit you’ll fundamentally need for your wardrobe. Remember that you can still look fashionable in your sense of style despite the lack of a few inches!

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