4 Steps for Planning a New Wardrobe


Every once in a while, youll realize you have way too many clothes. So begins the sorting: pulling out bags of clothing that you cant even remember buying, trying to think what was in your head when you picked all this stuff up. Soon theres a pile of clothes for the charity shop as tall as you, and you wonder how much money you spent on things you wore once, twice or never at all!

Lets face it; impulse shopping is so satisfying, but our purchases add up to a messy closet and overstuffed drawers. Once youve cleared the closet out, youll go straight for your favorite store. But first: think about how you can shop with longevity in mind that starts with the following four steps for planning your new wardrobe.

1) A 3-Course Outfit

The first thing to do is to remember that you plan the main course before the starters and the dessert. Make the bits and pieces work around the main event. In general, this is your top or a dress, although a gorgeous skirt or stunning pair of trousers can also take pride of place.

The point is, start with the thing thats got the wow factor. You want everything else to bring attention to this and complement it perfectly, so shop in that order.

2) This Would Probably Work With

So youve found a beautiful top and youre in the dressing room, and youre sure that youve got a skirt back at home that this would work with. Definitely probably maybe? It doesnt quite go with what youre wearing now, but thats no problem because you must have something that would work, right?

Hours later, you get home and you try on that skirt, and theres something not quite right. Its fine, youll remember to return the top in a few days. Or go on another trip and find another skirt.

This is how you fill a wardrobe with mismatched bits and pieces! Shopping for complete outfits means that you know exactly how you want yourself to look from the word go. Once youve found your centerpiece item, youve got a great reason to keep shopping, so take it! You might be able to mix and match other things later, but make sure youve got at least one perfect match by creating a look in one trip.

3) Try Something New

So many gorgeous clothes end up as cupboard-filler because we bought them as bold, exciting one-offs. If youre buying something thats a little more daring than your usual fare, let your imagination go wild and suit the rest of the outfit to that look. You dont bring an outfit to life by pairing a dazzling top with the jeans you wear to go grocery shopping, even if they are familiar and comfy.

The more you reinvent yourself, the more comfortable youll feel in styles you didnt realize suited you and youll wear those new looks with so much more confidence. Embrace change and express yourself through your outfits.

4) Fine-Tuning

The fun doesnt have to stop there. Once youre kitted out head-to-toe in a stunning new outfit, its time to think about makeup. Trying new styles of makeup is amazing fun and can really top off a fresh look. Finish off your journey by shopping at Milk Makeup and dreaming up the perfect way to complete your outfit.

Bottom Line

Planning your wardrobe like this will actually cut down on the amount of items you take home. Youll have more looks that actually go together as well as shelf space for the future.


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