35 Beach Essentials That’ll Make Summer 2022 Your Most Stylish One Yet


If you’re like us, beach season only lasts a few months a year (but if it’s more than that for you, consider yourself very, very lucky). This means that the second our coats and boots hit storage, we’re going zero to 60 and getting our summer pieces out to bask in every precious moment of sun that we’re going to get—and that includes a whole lot of beach accessories.

french tips are back and they look nothing like the ones we got in middle school

One does not merely grab a towel and head out to the beach or pool—though if you do, you’d have my vote for president. Spending a day in the sun means various SPFs (one for the body, one for the face), hats, towels, books, you name it. Wherever we’re headed, we want to head there in style, and that includes a little bit of foresight.

From the chicest hats to cover-ups that can take you from the pool straight to happy hour, we’ve got your waterside summer plans mapped out with the absolute best beach accessories of 2022.



No matter how much SPF you have slathered on, the face can always use some extra protection—especially when it comes in the form of a chic, beach-worthy hat. Whether Y2K-esque bucket hats or oversized, wide-brimmed straw hats are more your speed, having one you love is essential for a perfected summer arsenal.


Beach bags

One of the greatest joys of life is packing up a bag with sunscreen, a towel, and the book you’re in the middle of reading and heading out to the pool or beach for the day. And that bag shouldn’t just be any bag, it should be one that you look forward to pulling out of storage every time summer rolls around. Not only will these carry all of your waterside essentials with ease, but they’ll also be the bag you can’t get enough of this summer.



Sure, you can throw on a T-shirt and jean shorts over your swimsuit and call it a day, but where’s the fun in that? Having a cover-up that turns our trip to the beach or pool into a full-blown look is what we’re opting for, be it with a breezy button-down or a dress that can just as easily take you to post-beach drinks.



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