3 Ways to Style an Oversized Sweater


This post was created in partnership with LEnvers, makers of small-batch knitwear, produced with natural wool and organic cotton. They create sweaters meant to be treasured and worn for a lifetime.

Getting dressed on cold, wintry mornings can be a challenge. The furnace is just getting started, the house hasnt warmed up yet and I havent had my coffee.

To help those mornings go a little more smoothly, I like to occasionally brainstorm outfit ideas. (Okay truthfully, I am almost always thinking of outfit ideas, even when Im doing other things, and I keep a running list on my phone.) But every once awhile I like to practice styling by trying on a bunch of outfits. I usually do this if I have an item in my closet that Im struggling to figure out how to style, or if Ive made a new purchase.

I recently put this this method to work when Lenvers gifted me this beautiful Juliette Sweater. Its a thick, traditional wool sweater: rustic and warm. To get to know the sweater better and become comfortable styling it, I brainstormed three outfit ideas.

1 Over a Button Up

Bespoke Juliette Sweater* (Beige), c/o LEnvers / Button Up (husbands closet) / Jeans, thrifted / Dawn Boot (10), Christy Dawn

I am a big fan of the 1990s vibe happening right here. The chunky sweater over the loose button up feels like something straight out of While You Were Sleeping. I love the way the sleeves peeking out show off the balloon detail of the sweater. I wore this exact outfit the other day and was very warm and cozy!

2 Over a Dress or Skirt

Bespoke Juliette Sweater* (Beige), c/o LEnvers / Skirt, c/o Vetta / Boots, Freda Salvador / Medallion Necklace, Missoma

This is my most adventurous foray out of the three. Ive been very inspired by the women of Pinterest this fall and I have a whole board dedicated to sweaters and skirts. I love how this outfit came together! Its so much more interesting than another jeans outfit, but just as functional (if you add fleece tights!).

3 Over Slim-Fitting Bottoms

Bespoke Juliette Sweater* (Beige), c/o LEnvers / Jeans, c/o 31 / Cons, thrifted / Medallion Necklace, Missoma

This feels like an easy, cozy, weekend outfit. Stretchy jeans, warm sweater. Just add a cozy long sleeve tee underneath, a crossbody bag, and youre good to go.

Customize a Sweater + Free Shipping

You may remember me sharing about LEnvers on the blog before. A few years ago I bought their Claude Cardigan, and it remains one of my cherished, thick wool sweaters today. Recently LEnvers launched a new bespoke service which allows customers to choose their own colors and measurements for sweaters. This is how I was able to get a Juliette Sweater (pictured in this blog post) in the color Beige. Typically it comes in Camel and Off White, but LEnvers was able to create a custom one for me in Beige through their new service. You can also customize your own measurements. The service is very easy to use. You simply choose: shape, color and size.

*If you are interested in placing an order with LEnvers they are generously offering Seasons + Salt readers FREE SHIPPING through the end of December. Use the code SALT at checkout to redeem the discount.

Be sure to check out my IGTV channel later today to see this sweater in action on video! For now, Id love to hear: which outfit is your favorite?

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