25 Easy Summer Home Decor Ideas


What do you think about summer? It is a sunny season, right? Then, why you don’t bring the sunny vibe into your home? No need to worry, bringing a sunny and cheer vibes of summer into your home is as easy as possible. You don’t need to be exhausted or looking for something expensive for your summer decor, just simple things and using seasonal decorations, you can do it. For example, simply by replacing your cushions with summer themed ones. Floral, fruit, tropical, or bright ones can be your options. Using summer sign to decorate all of your room is a good idea. Moreover, as easy as placing a bouquet of flowers on the dining table, coffee table, or console table to create a welcoming feel. Don’t forget to install a wreath on your front door. A blooming flower wreath is a simple yet effective ornament to bring a seasonal feel. Aside from using vibrant colors for your interior decor, easy summer home decorating ideas also include DIY projects such as flamingo pillows, nautical wreath, floor cushions, and more. Don’t stop to incorporate all summer colors into your home and you will see how they can change the look of your home. Here are references for you.

25 easy summer home decor ideas1

Red Dining Chair

This easy summer dining room decor will make any room decor beautiful and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. Choosing this red dining chair will make the room decor bright and fresh. Paired with a reclaimed wood dining table with sunflowers in a glass vase, this summer vibe will rock the whole room. Blue cabinets and some wall decorations with sea paintings will complete the look of this dining room.

Coastal Striped

To create a comfortable and stylish beach living room, you can replace your sofa skirt with blue stripes accents for an interesting design. Choosing this decor will rock the beach style throughout this room. In addition to your sofa, you can also add this striped skirt to the coffee table to balance the look of your sofa. Equipped with several pillows of the same color will also produce an attractive room decoration and a comfortable impression throughout this room.

Lemon Pattern Pillow

An easy decoration for this summer’s entryway using pillows with patterns and colors like lemon that will enliven spring in your home. In addition to pillows, you can also add lemon trees and sunflowers to galvanized pots that hang on the wall to give a matching decoration. This white color scheme will also make your room brighter and cleaner.

Bart Cart

Decorating a bar cart with a summer theme this will make an attractive room decoration and will steal the eyes of everyone who comes. In this bar cart you can add pineapple, and some drinks to make it easier for you while in this room. Combined with this orange pattern wallpaper it makes for a beautiful design and festive summer doodle. Don’t forget to also add green plants in pots that will provide a cool and fresh room.

Surfboard Sign

This surfboard sign on your front porch will make your summer beach decor more interesting. It will rock the beach style throughout this house. The choice of red and white surfboard colors will produce an attractive room decoration and will welcome guests with pleasure. This blue and white exterior paint will create the impression of a beach as well as a bright impression throughout this room.

Flower Pattern

This lively and fresh look comes with floral accents on the wall art and some sofa cushions. This is easy for you to try to give the room a meaningful and stylish look. In this antique mirror frame, you can add a floral pattern that will give a different and vibrant summer home decor to the whole house. Combined with some vintage furniture, it will make your living room look more attractive and steal the show.

Rattan Wicker

Adding rattan wicker accents to this summer bedroom decor will give a natural touch to the entire room. You can apply to the headboard and tray placed above the bed. This is the easiest way that you can try to redecorate the look of your bedroom. This blue checkered pillow will add color to the bedding set and add extra comfort to the entire room.

Blue Accent

The blue color combined with this white color scheme will make your summer home decor more beautiful and cool. You can add this blue color to blankets and pillows to make the room decor interesting and eye-catching. Putting pillows and blankets on this bench will result in a warm and comfortable room design. The white color scheme and some greenery in this pot will make for a cool and fresh room decor.

Flower Bedding Set

This bed set area with a floral pattern will make your room decoration more beautiful and steal the attention. This floral pattern gives a feminine and cool look to your summer bedroom decor. On top of the bed you can also add a bouquet of flowers from grennery to give a touch of greenery to the whole house. This off-white color scheme on the walls and curtains makes for a clean and spacious decor.

Coastal Dining Room

This coastal style sticks in the summer dining room of your home. Using this rattan dining table set complete with blue pillows will give a comfortable impression while you are enjoying your meal. On this dining table you can also add blooming flowers in a vase which will provide a cool and fresh room. This wooden chandelier just above the dining table will provide bright lighting for this beach dining room.

Lemon Centerpieces

Decorating the table with this easy you can add a few lemons that you can add to the centerpieces of this dining table. In addition to lemons, you can add some green plants in small pots which will give a natural and cool vibe to this table decoration. These yellow napkins and placemats will also balance the color with these lemon centerpieces. on the window adding a wreath of lemon and green leaves will give this a charming look.

Flower Table Runner

The dark wood dining table combined with this table runner will balance the look of your summer dining table. Combined with the bright floral pattern on this table runner, this will create a unique and colorful design. Adding a flower vase on top of this tray will also give it a cool and fresh design. Some of these yellow pillows will also balance the look while making your dining room more comfortable and warm.

Lemon Tiered Tray

Redecorating this lime tray with a lemon theme will brighten up the summer in your home. By adding a lemon, a lemon sign, and some black and white ornaments this will give each year a different look. You can place this display tray on this kitchen island to create a meaningful space design and decorate summer in your kitchen.

Tropical Vibe

Decorating this tropical living room will give a cool and fresh impression throughout the room. Using a tropical pattern arm chair and a green sofa complete with a brass coffee table, this will make the room decor fresh and look more luxurious. Don’t forget to add some other greenery to create a room with fresh air. In this room you can add patterns to the walls and ceiling to create an interesting look.

Yellow and Pink

Having a living room design with a white color scheme, this added touch of yellow and pink will make a beautiful home design and attract every guest who comes. You can add these yellow and pink colors to ornaments and some of these cute pillows for interesting results. This large rug under the sofa with geometric patterns and potted greenery will make for a warm and cool decoration of the room.

Summer Sign

This sign of summer in the kitchen of this family home will greet your guests with a festive summer mood. Making your own from scrap wood planks and painted in blue and yellow will give you a beautiful design and will boost your creativity. Placing it on a kitchen backsplash and combined with this wooden block shelf will give it a beautiful look and will avoid clutter.

Wooden Tray Lemonade

This old tray makes a lovely summer decor with a vintage touch to the rest of the room. Using an unused tray filled with some lemons and this lemon sign will make a beautiful and attractive decoration. Placing this tray on the kitchen counter will result in a festive summer kitchen design.

Flower Arrangement

The simple way to bring a festive look to your home, you can add flower arrangements into your entryway. The blooming flowers in this glass vase will create a beautiful decorative design and enliven the summer look in your home. Placing flowers in a glass vase and combining them with succulents in this wicker basket will create an attractive console table design and welcome your guests with a festive feeling. This round sign will also be greeted with a lovely summer feeling.

Roses Wreath

This summer terrace decorated with rose flower arrangements will welcome your guests with joy and a festive summer mood. You can try this blooming bouquet yourself to give an attractive room decoration and minimal maintenance. Using this wreath will steal the attention of every guest who comes and enliven the summer throughout your room.

Hydrangea Flower

This modern summer coffee table with blooming hydrangeas placed in the vase will give your home a fresh décor. Adding these yellow roses will also look beautiful and will give you an interesting room design for you to try. Using a white ceramic pot and placing it on a wooden tray, this is a room decor that attracts a natural touch.

Blooming Centerpieces

Adding blooming flower centerpieces placed in this flower vase will make your summer dining table décor more beautiful and steal the show. The selection of blooming flowers and ceramic flower vases will make the display attractive and will give a natural impression to this decoration. Combined with a wooden dining table complete with a striped table runner will create an attractive design.

Pink and White Summer Patio

There’s nothing wrong with decorating a summer terrace with a touch of bright pastel pink to give it a cool and fun look. Applying this pastel pink color to the pillows and some of these blooms will create a pretty look that you can copy. This white rattan chair will complete the look with a white color scheme that will also provide an attractive design.

Patio Lemonade Design

In this easy summer decoration, you can use a lemon theme on your terrace. The lemon theme will never fail for you to try decorating the terrace of this house. You can add this lemon accent to the wreath hanging in front of the door to give it a unique look. In addition, the wooden sign hanging on the wall is also painted with lemonade to complete the patio appearance of this house. This antique chair complete with potted lemon and sunflower motif cushions will welcome your guests in a lively and inviting atmosphere.

Tulip Wreath

This tulip wreath mounted on the front door will give a playful look. Making your own from a few pink tulips and tree branches will make for low-budget patio decor and will boost your creativity. In addition to bouquets, you can add wooden nameplates, blooming flowers in vases, and rattan chairs complete with patterned pillows that will create beautiful home decor and welcome the festive summer atmosphere.

Large Painting Octopus

The three large paintings that were built will form this octopus pattern to create an interesting nautical living room design for you to try. Buying it cheap at this flea market will make for a beautiful, low-budget home decor. In addition to painting, you can add a nautical chandelier accent and a coffee table with a unique shape that will be the center of attention in this living room. This white sofa, which is complemented by white and blue pillows, will also balance the look of your home.

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