19 Ladies Share The Most Sexually Adventurous Things They Have Done


What’s the most sexually adventurous thing you have ever done?

They say that the key to a great and satisfying sex life is spontaneity. Would you agree?

Check out this interesting and exciting thread at Ask SAHM where ladies shared the most sexually adventurous thing they have ever done! Anonymously of course!

1. One day we took the boat out…

My husband and I live in Darwin so one day we took the boat out to go crabbing and as we were putting the pots out no one was around. So when he turned around I had my pants off spread legs. He immediately got a hard on and fu***d me right there was so sexy in the middle of the day out on the water my tits bouncing around.


2. I ended up bending over his desk…

On my son’s parent – teacher night my son was sick. I went by myself and I ended up bending over his desk as I was the last mum to see him. OMFG it was so hot!!


3. Fu****g hubby on camera…

In my younger days I was a bit of a w****. My fave is fu****g hubby on camera (no faces shown). Such a turn on knowing others are watching me be pounded. Makes for super hot orgasms!


4. On the back of his ute’s timber tray – at the drive in movies…

My partner and I have had some great moments. Especially in summer on the back of his ute’s timber tray – at the drive in movies – Master’s carpark a few times – look out – at the beach His has fingered me while he was driving a lot but had to pull over so he could finish me off safely.

Fingered me at night clubs/pubs while out with friends (we are in our late 30’s and 40’s). We have also used a wireless remote control vibrant while doing our food shopping that was a lot of fun especially because we know a lot of the workers.

Out the front in the driveway of our house. In a hotel pool (view of Sydney harbour bridge) just before it closed for the night and a guy was doing laps. He loves it when we get busted having sex, after the person leaves/moves on he f**ks me even harder. Which makes me cum even more. Mmmm


5. A hand job in the cinema…

Gave my Husband a hand job in the cinema while it was full of people


6. On a city rail train…

Sex on a cityrail train (bottom section was almost empty)


6. Golden shower

Got partner to give me a golden shower and loved it so much we do it regularly now. Took a bit to pluck up the courage to ask him to do it, but so glad I did. it had been a long term fantasy of mine. And his apparently!


7. Fu***d my husband’s best friend while my husband watched.

Fu***d my husband’s best friend while my husband watched. Part of his hot wife fantasy – he was really hot and had split from his wife and hadn’t had sex for months. Hubby got to do me after his friend had finished. Gets me wet just thinking about it


8. Sex on the beach

Sex on the beach a few times when we’ve been drunk in holiday, I often go commando and my hubby will play with me whilst we’re in a restaurant having dinner, he’s even given me an orgasm doing that! in the car, I’ve given him BJs whilst he’s been driving and he’s managed to keep the car straight while he cums down my throat, sex at a waterfall, in a hospital, on a hotel balcony, at a wedding we snuck into the gardens for some, when we’ve been hiking, we just love outdoor sex


9. In the change room at work…

Ah the problem is I’ve done a lot of “adventurous” sex. So it’s kind of tame by my standards. I would say one of my favourite ones was my first girlfriend (I’m bi) and I in the changeroom at work. It was after closing and the boss was outside having a break and a smoke anyway. We were ahead of our schedule and still had to clean in there anyway. So she told me to take off the bottom part of my uniform and jump up on the shelf. It was great. I returned the favour for her afterwards. Then we got back to work. Lol we ended up a little behind schedule and had to work overtime but the boss wasn’t complaining because she got OT as well lol.


10. I make porn…

I make porn – solo and with my best mate, he’s godly! Perfect! And we get a lot of on screen attention because of how we look! It’s great fun to have people watching (it’s live) and making money off it is even better!


11. Threesome

Picked up two guys in a night club and we went out to the car park and had a 3som in the back seat of a small car.


12. On the bus…

I’m bi and love eating pussy.. the other day on the bus I was talking to a girl on the bus and it got to a point we both new we were going to have fun she and i were the last on the bus we moved to the back seat and i licked her pussy so well the bus driver knew what we were doing and parked the bus and joined in best experience I’ve had for a very long time


13. In a park…

Fu***d my fwb in a park at sunset (in some bushes though not just out in the open). Halfway through, a mini bus of tourists pulled up to check out the view (it was a lookout over the ocean). We kept going just really quietly lol. I think some of them figured it out when we emerged giggling from the shubbery, but I don’t think they cared.


14. Sex with the tour guide…

I had sex with a tour guide in Ireland. It was snowing outside and we went into this little pub to wait for it to stop. There were only 5 of us in the group. An elderly couple, a gay couple and myself. The tour guide was hot af. We hit it off and then we got to business in the cloak room. It was a good night.


15. At a beach in QLD…

Years ago, my boyfriend and I were at a beach in QLD with a group of friends, and we were out in the surf just swimming and body surfing, then we swam to each other and started to kiss and grope each other, which then turned into floating sex, in front of a beach-full of people, and we didn’t care at all, it was amazing!


16. At 6 months pregnant and very horny…

I was at work and around 6 months pregnant and very horny my boss was at a meeting so I went into his office sat in his chair and lifted ny skirt started fingering my puss eyes closed i herd a noise and looked up there was my boss with a big hard on rubbing his c**k I started apologizing and fixing my self up when he walked over to me and started playing with my tits I was so turned on I unzipped his pants and pulled out his 8 and half inch c##k started sucking it before I knew it I was bent over the desk we have been screwing for 3 years

17. Public sex

My fwb guy and I hadn’t seen each other in about 6 weeks when we finally did i was wearing no panties and showed him while we were driving needless to say that we did not get to the hotel room we ended up pulling up out side an xxx shop that has a little movie theater and we walked in paid our money and went in we were the only ones there and i bent over and he did me doggy style and by the time we were finished 2 men had walked in we didn’t care and lets just say they did not need to watch the move to get off they watched us instead and I have to admit it was the best sex I’ve had in a long time there is something to be said about public sex xxxx


18. Anal

Anal. Also had sex while another couple (good friends) having sex next to us and the girls crossed over and ate each other’s pussies. we were all drunk and actually did this a few times over the years! Are still all really good mates and don’t talk about it! Haha! No one knows!


19. On the bonnet of the car..

When I was 18 my boyfriend and I were traveling from Melbourne to Sydney to pick up a new car. It was in summer but it was dark and raining really hard. I fell asleep and woke up as he pulled over on the side of the road. I assumed he was going out to pee but he opened up my door, scooped me up and carried me We had mad, passionate and frenzied sex right then and there as the cars whirled past. It was AMAZING!! This was 11 years ago and we still have mutual friends so bump into each other at weddings, birthdays etc. there is always a cheeky smile and a blush as I know he is remembering the same moment.

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