10 Team & Reader lululemon Favorites You Won’t Mind Paying Full Price For (AND Ship in Time for Christmas)


You may be wondering, why is Lululemon so expensive? Here are some worthy items!

woman holding lululemon from poshmark

lululemon makes our fave workout gear! 😍

We all have those staple closet pieces that we grab as soon as they’re clean from the laundry, and it seems that many of our favorite activewear pieces are from lululemon! We, too, have begged the question, “Why is Lululemon so expensive?!” but when rounding up our team’s favorites, it seems we answered our own question!

lululemon offers some of the best and most supportive activewear that lasts for years! Each piece is crafted with both athletes and everyday wearers in mind. Not to mention, the quality is superb and backed by their Quality Promise which states if a product doesn’t perform for you, they’ll take it back.

While these pieces can be an investment, it certainly pays off when you’re able to wear your favorites year after year without showing signs of wear!

Here are our ultimate lululemon favorites:

1. Align Leggings

align leggings lululemon

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Available in so many lengths, color options, and even with or without pockets, it’s no wonder these leggings are both a team and reader favorite! Each pair is made from a buttery soft fabric that’s super stretchable and breathable to keep you comfy no matter what activity you’re doing.

We have to be honest in saying that not every pair of lululemon leggings hold up when it comes to getting active, but we’ve found the ones with a waistband like Align are fantastic.

2. Speed Up Shorts

speed up lululemon shorts

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These shorts are made from a 4-way stretch material that’s both sweat-wicking and quick-drying, making them perfect for running. They have a built-in liner for additional coverage, plus a zippered back pocket to stash your stuff! Both Hip team members and readers mention that the 4″ length is their go-to pick. Some styles also tend to go on sale frequently.

“I’m super picky when it comes to workout shorts. Many workout shorts that I’ve tried seem to have extra fabric in the front area, and it poofs out like they’re made for guys…I don’t get it and know I’m not the only one with this problem 🤷‍♀️. I have wasted money on so many other cheaper shorts and always go back to lululemon shorts. lululelmon shorts don’t poof out and fit perfectly, always flattering on everyone I’ve seen wear them. Theirs are the best! I love both the Speed Up and the Hotty Hot short. I get them both in the 4″ inseam and now they have both styles in low, mid, and high rise!” – Emily, Hip sidekick

3. Free to Be Wild Bra

free to be wild sports bras

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This is another ultimate team favorite that we can’t get enough of (if you couldn’t tell by our team member Emily’s collection of 12 😆)! This open-back strappy bra offers support with a feminine touch that we all love. It’s available in a ton of color options, plus the criss-cross back straps look amazing when worn on their own, or peaking through an open-back workout top!

“This was my first lululemon purchase EVER (back in 2013)! I STILL have the same bra and wear and wash it frequently. It’s a true testament to how well these hold up. I’ve since expanded my collection to about 12 or so lululemon sports bras and they’re the first thing I look for in the clearance section. There’s also always some colorway or pattern available and they’re all so cute, so when they’re marked down to $29 (which Amazon lookalikes are usually not much cheaper), they’re a must-buy!” – Emily, Hip sidekick

4. Chargefeel Women’s Sneakers

charge feel sneakers

lululemon just released a brand new footwear collection, and even more are being released this fall. Pretty much everyone can’t get enough of these sneakers! They’re well made, specifically made just for us ladies.

Sure to be your new favorite, the Chargefeel workout shoes are a great cross-training shoe, perfect for both gym training and short runs. They offer a balance of cushioning and support thanks to the dual-density midsole and supportive upper.

5. Align Tank Top

align tank top

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Available in 17 color options, these tank tops are designed to supply light support while remaining buttery soft! It’s virtually weightless and designed especially for yoga. Although this definitely had us asking ourselves again why lululemon is so expensive, this is one of the most popular tank tops from lululemon because it’s stylish, flattering, soft, and supportive, all at once! Plus, its wide variety of sizes ensures the perfect fit.

6. Festival Bag

festival bag

Looking for the perfect bag to stash all your stuff without being big and bulky? lulumeon has the solution! The Festival bag offers a ton of zippered pockets to organize your items, plus an adjustable shoulder strap and water-repellent fabric. Hip Sidekick Paige has owned one of these bags for 7 years and says it’s still going strong!

woman wearing lululemon apparel

I bought my first Festival bag in early 2013. I loved that it could turn into a fanny pack, so it went on lots of adventures. I first brought it to Yellowstone back in June of 2013. Since that time it’s been everywhere! Sometimes a fanny pack, but most times as a crossbody. I have several other colors, but I always go back to my black one. Here I am in Disney last October. Not too bad for an almost 10-year-old bag! – Paige, Hip Sidekick & lululemon fan

7. Hotty Hot Shorts & Skirts

lululemon shorts

*Select Hotty Hot Shorts and Skirts on sale on this week’s We Made Too Much!

These reader-fave shorts and skirts are great for running with their built-in liner and added ventilation! Plus, the waist has a drawcord for the perfect fit and a discreet zippered pocket in the seam, and another pocket in the liner!

8. Wunder Train Leggings

wunder train leggings

*Select Wunder Train Leggings on sale on this week’s We Made Too Much!

With support and comfort wrapped into one, it’s no wonder lululemon leggings have made our favorites list three times! Perfect for even the most intense workouts, the Wunder Train leggings are highly breathable and wick away sweat, while the adjustable drawstring helps keep them in place. And, they’ve even got a hidden pocket in the waist for your card or keys!

9. Pace Rival Mid-Rise Skirt

pace rival skirt

Perfect for running, tennis, and so much more, these skirts are available in a ton of solid colors as well as cute colorful patterns! They offer a built-in liner for extra coverage, plus a ton of pockets to hold all your stuff.

The nearly $80 price tag definitely contributes to being hesitant about lululemon being so expensive. However, the drawstring waist helps keep it in place, plus the mid-rise length gives just a bit of extra coverage so you can feel confident in any activity. Therefore, we totally think this is worth the buy.

10. High Rise Train Shorts

display of lululemon women's shorts

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These bike shorts are not only perfect for biking, but can be used in every day workouts or you can even wear them to run errands! You can even snag these lululemon Bike Shorts in Wunder Train, just like the leggings. They are 6″ in length so they’ll easily cover your thighs and are super breathable. Plus, they are made from the fastest-drying Everlux fabric!

We love these lululemon lookalikes from Amazon, too!


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