These Awesome Mom Inventions Are Making Everyday Life Better


We all need help getting things done. From finding the perfect carpooling app and learning a foreign language to finally taking that online sewing class, there’s a slew of mom-invented services out there to help you tap into your inner passion or just get things done. Keep scrolling to see some of our fave ways…

photo: Hey Mama

Community of Career-Driven Moms: HeyMama

Founders Amri Kibbler and Katya Libin realized a huge piece was missing from their own lives in the workforce: a community of supportive moms with careers. To help build a community of working moms who empower each other, the two founded HeyMama, a private and professional social network. The platform now has members across the United States and helps women everywhere balance the challenges of motherhood and a career.

Online: heymama.co


photo: CertifiKID

Family & Kid-Based Deal Finder: CertifiKID

Jamie and Brian Ratner, Washington, D.C.-area natives and parents, started CertifiKID back in 2010 when they saw a gap in the market for kid and family-based deals. Within three months, the site was expanding to other large markets and after a 2019 stint on Shark Tank, CertifiKID is now the only 100 perfect free nationwide kid and family focused resource! It offers exclusive deals on products, restaurants, birthday party activities, special needs offers, kids’ camps and classes, family activities and real mom reviews.

Online: certifikid.com

photo: GoKid

Carpooling for Climate Change: GoKid

GoKid was founded by Dr. Stefanie Lemcke, a New York City mom determined to curb her driving fatigue due to traffic jams packed with other parents all driving in the same direction.  The free-to-download app is a way to easily coordinate with other trusted parents and create a streamlined carpooling process. So far, GoKid has saved over eight million miles of driving, has users in 25+ countries, reduced CO2 emissions by seven million pounds and is getting vehicles off the road.

Online: gokid.mobi

photo: Norris Ford

Designing Woman: Sew It! Academy

Fashion expert and mama to four Mimi G came from humble beginnings. A survivor of domestic violence and homelessness, Mimi G has always held a love of fashion and sewing close to her heart. In addition to creating her own DIY and Lifestyle brand, Mimi G Style, the empowering girlboss also created Sew It! Academy in 2016. The completely online sewing school teaches anyone how to sew, and offers monthly subscriptions and tutorials for everything from DIY sunglass cases to evening gowns.

Online: sew-it-academy.thinkific.com

photo: November Rain

Get Stylishly Caught in the Rain: November Rain

A woman entrepreneur and mother to three, Belinda Coker has been active in providing fresh drinking water to developing communities in Africa and Asia for over 10 years. A perpetual philanthropist and entrepreneur, her previous successful brands include Envirosax, the first designer reusable bag with environmental certification to enter the U.S. market back in 2007. November Rain was borne out of a need to fund her freshwater projects in Africa. Producing an item printed with eco-friendly dyes was a no-brainer, but Belinda also took this one step further by creating a poncho that women of all shapes and sizes could wear, whether they are blessed with curves or fabulously tall and willowy. "Unless we are a perfect industry size, there is always the issue of fit. And I wanted to overcome that, for all women," says Belinda. November Rain gives 10% of all revenue to water projects in developing countries, the ponchos are made to last and they are stylish!

Online: novemberrain.co

photo: Julia Wang

Bridge the Generation & Language Gap: Jamma Jango

In 2012, Julia Wang left her job as Product Manager at American Express to be a SAHM to her newborn daughter. Both Julia’s and her husband’s parents emigrated from Taiwan in the 1980s and are more comfortable speaking in their native tongue—Mandarin Chinese. Julia wanted her little girl to be able to communicate with her grandparents, but she struggled to find the right resources to teach her daughter Chinese—there was a lack of anything that would hold a kid’s attention for more than five minutes and it was hard to find a program that was educational and fun. And so, Jamma Jango was born. It’s a  cartoon-based, foreign language-learning product that provides parents fun and educational language resources—all in one box. Currently, Jamma Jango offers a Spanish language and a Mandarin Chinese version.

Check it out at jammajango.com

—Kate Loweth, Amber Guetebier, Erin Lem and Karly Wood

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