Preschool Books About Balls


Bounce, kick, shoot, and throw.  There are so many things to do with a ball.  Explore the world of round objects with these preschool books about balls.


Books About Balls for Preschoolers

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This Little Pup by Laura J. Bryant is the story of a little puppy playing catch with a young boy.  As the ball is tossed it travels past different animals of varying numbers and colors all around the farm.  Lots of teaching of basic concepts can be accomplished with this one.

Yes, balls bounce.  What else can bounce? Bounce like a bunny.  Bounce like a frog.  Just bounce and bounce in Bounce by Doreen Cronin.  You will definitely want to do some bouncy ball activities after reading.  I like to bounce a ball to a student and have them name a food in a category.  For example, pick foods.  Then, the student bounces the ball to another student in the circle and they name another item in the chosen category.  Other fun categories include circles, things that make noise, things you see outside, and things that bounce.

A Ball for Daisy by Chris Raschka is an almost wordless book about Daisy the dog and her favorite ball.  The problem is that ball is taken by a bigger dog.  Oh no!

It’s hard to believe that a book with only one word, ball, can be fun and interesting.  But, Ball by Mary Sullivan fits the bill.  This is a good one for modeling reading with expression.  Plus, the kids will have fun reading it themselves!

Elephant and Piggie star in A Big Guy Took My Ball by Mo Willems.  Preschoolers love this whole series and will chuckle at the thinking of Gerald and Piggie.  Will Gerald be able to get Piggie’s ball back? And, will they make a new sharky friend in the process?

Yellow Ball by Molly Bang is fun for kids to look through on their own.  They will follow the yellow ball as it is carried out in the water and then washed back on shore again.

They say the grass is greener on the other side, but is that really true? Ball is convinced that being a balloon is better in Ball & Balloon by Rob Sanders.  But, really it’s about being who you are and being proud of that!

Brainstorm things that are round in Round Like a Ball by Lisa Campbell Ernst.  Die-cut pages reveal clues in this book begging for predictions.  Students will also enjoy chanting the repetitive phrase, “It’s round like a ball.”

Work on positional words in The Bouncing Ball by Deborah Kelly.  Different children and animals find the ball and bounce up, down, and all around.

Books About Balls in Different Sports


Pass the Ball, Mo! by David A. Adler is a cute early reader series that also makes for a short and fun read-aloud. In this tale, Mo is trying to learn to pass the ball and help his team.

Feel as you are part of a fast-paced game of basketball inSwish! by Bill Martin Jr.  The game is close.  Who will win?  Will it be the Cardinals or the Blue Jays?  This rhyming book will also invite children in to act out the parts of dribbling and shooting the ball.

Everything you need to know about the ins and outs can be found in The Basketball Book by Gail Gibbons.  This informational text will teach about different text features to our youngest listeners.


Take Me Out to the Ballgame by Carly Simon will invite children to sing along to the favorite song sung at ballparks.  The playful illustrations are fun to study while you sing.

The animals are playing a game of ball in Hit the Ball, Duck by Jez Alborough. But, Duck hits the ball into the trees.  How will they get it down?

Bonaparte the skeleton wants to play ball in Bonaparte Plays Ball by Margery Cuyler.  But, there are definitely challenges that come with playing ball when you are all bones.

kids books about baseball

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The kids have to clear the field for a game of soccer (futbol) to play and nothing can stop them including a downpour until their momma’s call.  The fun game is in The Field by Baptiste Paul.

Maisy is a beloved preschool character and she’s playing soccer in Maisy Plays Soccerby Lucy Cousins.  She needs her uniform and friends for a fun game of red team vs blue team.

Winners Never Quit by Mia Hamm encourages us all to keep trying.  Even when we feel like quitting, just keep going.  This lesson shines through on the soccer field in this story.


You are in the stands at the stadium in Goodnight Football by Michael Dahl.  Enjoy the sights and sounds as the big game gets underway.

Rhyming + dinosaurs + football= a read-aloud hit with preschoolers.  Enjoy Dino-Footballby Lisa Wheeler.

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Printable List of Ball Books for Young Children

Grab a printable list of the books above for your unit plan or to take to the library.

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