Fabulous, fun coloring books for kids


Encourage creativity and the arts.
Encourage creativity and the arts. ( Aaron Burden via Unsplash/)

In this device-dependent world of ours, sometimes kids need breaks from screens to take pen—or rather crayon and marker—to paper. Not only does coloring help children develop cognitively and psychologically, it also fosters self-expression and creativity. And, well, it’s just plain fun.

Here are the most educational, fanciful, and kooky coloring books for kids.

Really get those ABCs and 123s.
Really get those ABCs and 123s. (Amazon/)

With more than 100 illustrations, this jumbo coloring book introduces basic shapes, letters, numbers, and animals to kids ages 1-5. Every giant 8.5-by-11-inch page is filled with cute, bold images, and activities that build fine motor and recognition skills, fundamental learning concepts, and inspire hours of enjoyment.

Deliciously adorable designs.
Deliciously adorable designs. (Amazon/)

The little bakers and sweet connoisseurs in your life will eat the smorgasbord of cupcakes, ice cream, cookies, popsicles, and donuts in this book right up. Patterns and designs of desserts range from simplistic to intricate, making it perfect for artists of all ages.

Doo doo doo doodles!
Doo doo doo doodles! (Amazon/)

In what seems like the speed of light, Baby Shark has evolved from a catchy chart-topping bop to a full-out cultural phenomenon. Featuring 32 pages of activities and aquatic scenes, and over 50 stickers to enhance artwork, this book is absolutely essential for the Baby Shark die hards.

Because we know you believe in magic in a young kid’s heart.
Because we know you believe in magic in a young kid’s heart. (Amazon/)

There is no mythical creature quite as majestic and colorful as a unicorn. This book contains 50 single-sided detailed designs of flying and galavanting through backgrounds like rainbows, stars, castles, meadows, and mushroom houses. It’s a large format book ideal for preschool and elementary age kids under eight.

Has it all.
Has it all. (Amazon/)

A compilation of designs from Uni-Creatures, Sloths Love Llamas, Squad Goals, and Cosmic Cats, this epically awesome Crayola collection lives up to its name. There are nearly 300 pages to keep kids thoughtfully engaged and entertained through road trips, plane rides, sleepovers, and rainy days, plus two sticker sheets to decorate and add flair. Kids unwrapping this coloring book as a gift will be awed by the foil enhanced cover, which features a few of the characters waiting inside.

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