Dinosaur booklist for your dino-crazy kid


At some point, every teacher and every homeschooler will head to the library looking for dinosaur books. Maybe it’s because their kids have suddenly gone dinosaur crazy or maybe it’s because they’re covering a dinosaur unit. Either way, they need a dinosaur booklist, and they need it now. There are also about 2 million dinosaur books to be found. I’ve narrowed down this dinosaur booklist to a combination of nonfiction books, and fiction books imagining if dinosaurs came back.

dinosaur booklist for preschool or kindergarten #booklist #prek #kinder #kidlit

That eliminated about 50 books, at least, of dinosaurs living like humans. That is the subject of another dinosaur booklist.

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Dinosaur fiction books

Dinosaur booklist for preschool and kindergarten #preschool #kindergarten #booklist #kidlit

My fiction booklist is mostly fictional retellings of paleontologists, what if you suddenly had a dinosaur pet, and a few imagining what it would be like to live in dinosaur times. 


Nonfiction Dinosaur Booklist

Dinosaur booklist for kids

It’s kind of amusing how many amazing nonfiction dinosaur books there are. I had to narrow down this book list to just a few that wouldn’t overwhelm kids.

Starting with an awesome book by Aliki…

dinosaur booklist


More ideas for early learning

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